Sierra Deegan : Rock Climber

 What she's known for.

"I am an outdoor enthusiast who always has an itch to adventure. Outdoor climbing is where my heart lies, but I’m also known to be at the Slackline Park and roaming around canyons as well. I started climbing only 7 short months ago, but I’ve already climbed to new heights and achieved things I never thought possible."


A little about her.

"My name is Sierra Deegan, I grew up in Devils Lake, ND. After deciding that the frigid cold just wasn’t for me, I relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico where the start of my love for climbing began. I met an amazing man (and climber) named Miles whose spark lit a fire within me. He introduced me to ice climbing first which is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, I can't wait to do more! Later when he took me to Moab, Utah, my whole world changed. I was in rock climbing paradise. That was all about eight months ago. Currently I am a very active rock climber and I live in an RV located on the outskirts of Moab, Utah. I am living my dream, and I cant wait to see what this year has in store for me..and my climbing." 



"My boyfriend Miles has been the biggest inspiration in my climbing career. He is the one who got me into the sport of climbing to begin with and ever since he has been right by my side pushing me to my absolute limits. He never lets me forget how far I have come and how much he truly supports me. My parents have also been a huge inspiration as they raised me to never give up. Even when I feel completely defeated by the rock, I think of them and push harder. The rock itself is an inspiration to me as well, That is why I chose to move to Moab of all places. Each wall, each boulder. Every rock looks like it was meant to be climbed; to be conquered. The rush of topping out is what keeps me going." - Sierra Deegan

“Love the outdoors. Enjoy it, and leave it better than you found it. Teach others to do the same.” - Miles Loftin


Social Media.

    Instagram - @sierrawanderlust



Photo by : Ryan Salazar

Editing by : John Vigil