Kiefer Burrows : Rock Climber

What he's known for.

“I am a competitive rock climber from Kamloops BC, Canada. I've been climbing for eight years – I’ve previously just been a gym rat – but I started moving my way outside two years ago. Now real rock is my passion!” 


A little about him.

“My name is Kiefer Burrows, I’m 26 years old and being able to climb every day is my dream. I was first introduced to climbing when I started high school; after the first trip, I knew I was hooked. Right away it became a part of my daily routine, and not long after I was invited to join the competitive team at our local gym. I competed all throughout high school, but unfortunately I suffered a bad knee injury and had to take just enough time off to allow myself to recover. After what seemed like forever, I came back with an entirely new outlook on my life and climbing career. I have now put my indoor climbing aside to focus more energy into outdoor climbing and getting in touch with real rock. I’ve set many goals that I’m very excited to achieve, and with a great start to the spring I know the year can only get better from here.” 



“My friends and family have always been a great inspiration to me. They keep me motivated and have supported along my entire journey right from the start. When I'm feeling exhausted, I can always count on them to encourage me to push a little harder.” – Kiefer Burrows


“A climber is not crazy. He is not out to get himself killed. He knows what life is worth. He is in love with living.” – Walter Bonatti


Social media.

     Instagram - @kieferburrows

     Facebook - /KieferBurrowsRockClimber