Joey Plaskett : Rock Climber

What he's known for.

"I'm a passionate climber from Salt Lake City Utah. I absolutely love the outdoors, and spend most of my time bouldering or with my friends developing new areas."


A little about him.

"I discovered climbing when I was 23 years old. My friends were all into it and they invited me on a trip; after that I was hooked!I stole all of my brother's gear until I was able to buy some of my own. I climbed sport for a while and dabbled in climbing towers and trad, but found my true love in bouldering. Luckily I happened to be friends with a few guys who were dedicated to finding new rock and developing new areas, so I found myself in the same line of work."



"My friends always support me and help me to push myself further. They are the reason I have been able to believe that I can go the distance and accomplish things that I never thought were possible for me. That, and just being outside all day is medicinal." - Joey Plaskett


Social media.

    Instagram - @pebblewrest1er 

    Facebook - /joey.plaskett.3?fref=ts